About Me

Hi, I’m Shauna Sprunger

Hi, I’m Shauna Sprunger, a photographer and nature lover.  I love the mysteries of nature and I’ve learned that observing them through the lens of my camera allows me to not only capture that moment but understand it with sharper focus.  The discoveries I find behind my camera are thrilling and I want to share that love of nature with others. My hope is to inspire a deep appreciation for the wonders of nature in those that view my art.

I’ve worked in the photography industry for 30+ years.  In those years, I’ve been a retoucher, a school photographer and I’ve owned a wedding and family photography studio.  I’ve also freelanced as a graphic designer and a music studio engineer and producer.  Currently, I work for a school district as a communication specialist where I enjoy taking documentary style photographs, creating video and designing graphics.

Before digital cameras and photoshop, I was working with negatives and retouching prints and I shot with a Hasselblad. Now, I have a love affair with my technology!  I shoot with Canon EOS R and the new EOS R5.  There are several lenses in my bag and choosing my favorite would be like choosing a favorite child.  I am grateful that my husband switched to team Canon so we can share lenses!  Having a partner in crime who shares my love of nature, photography and the gear, is the icing on the cake.  The best gift he ever gave me was a 100 mm macro lens!

Shauna Sprunger