Hiking Near Home

January 24, 2021

Big Springs Trail

Bill and I decided to stay close to home this weekend.  It snowed during the week and the mountains were looking beautiful.  We hiked up a little of the Big Spring trail, up South Fork Canyon in Provo.  The snow was flocking all the trees and it was beautiful, but the weather was a little too stormy to set up for picture.  I did snap this shot right before the snow hit.

Big Springs trail in winter
View from Big Springs trail

Hiking by Utah Lake

In the evening we hiked a trail out by Utah Lake.  The view of the mountains was stunning, the mountains were in the clouds.  I had taken my birding lens on this hike and there were no birds willing to let me get a shot.  I wasn’t prepared for landscape, but I didn’t let that stop me.  I got this panorama by zooming in with my 100-400 lens and leaving it on my birding mode so it would fire quickly with a fast shutter.  While slowly moving from one side of the mountain range to the other, I kept the trigger down.  I’m still surprised it worked.

View of Provo Mountains from Utah Lake
View of Provo Mountains from Utah Lake
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