Utah Birding in February

February 4, 2021

The first weekend of February is here and so are the red-winged black birds.  I didn’t realize they came so early, but I have missed that sound.  

Provo River Trail

We took a walk down the Provo River trail for a sunset and enjoyed the sounds of the red-winged black birds.  I need to start bringing my landscape lens and a tripod when I go walking by the river. Every time I go, the light is beautiful on the mountains and the lake and all I have is my birding lens.  I did have my phone and recorded a little of the sound, love that sound.

Red-winged Blackbirds at Sunset by Utah Lake
Utah Lake at Sunset

Farmington Bay

The raptors were out in mass this weekend at Farmington Bay.  There were northern harriers in every field and several American kestrels along the road but the big attraction to Farmington in February is the Bald Eagles.  Bald eagles fly to Utah in the winter to find food and escape the cold and by February, Farmington is full of them.  They fly back and forth over the road and photographers line up with their cameras.  I’ve never done this and wasn’t that great at getting focus, but watching those huge birds soar overhead was quite a site.

We drove to the end of the road and came across a new bird for us, a rough-legged hawk. He was not shy and posed for me. I was able to get some great detail shots.

Bear River

We never seem to catch Bear River at the right time of day.  The river is long drive from home and with Farmington Bay tempting us between, it’s impossible to make it to Bear River until afternoon.  The afternoon was mostly quiet, but we did catch a beautiful great blue heron on the ice taking off.

Great Blue Heron
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